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2011-2012 General Rules & Policies

If all students and parents adhere to the following practices, they will enjoy a safe ride and an on time bus to and from school/home and school events.

If you have any questions, please contact the transportation department at: 707-421-4246.

Walking to The Bus Stop

  • When walking to and from the bus stop, always walk in a safe area, preferably the sidewalk. If crossing the street, use the crosswalk.
  • If the bus is at the bus stop before the student arrives, make sure the driver sees the student before approaching the bus. The driver will signal the student when it is safe to proceed. If on the opposite side of the street, wait for the driver to escort you across, and then cross between the driver and the bus.
  • All student escorts or crossings must be done in front of the bus.

Waiting At The Bus Stop

  • Students should arrive at the bus and be ready to board the bus 10 minutes before the scheduled arrival time.
  • When waiting for the bus, wait in a safe area.
  • Never wait or play in the street.
  • Students should wait 12 feet from where the bus will stop. Once the bus is stopped, wait until the entrance door is open before approaching the bus or standing to exit the bus.
  • No pushing or shoving is allowed at the bus stop and when entering or exiting the bus.
  • Vehicles must be parked on the same side of the street as the studentís pick-up and drop-off stop.
  • Vehicles must not park in the bus zone or where the bus parks.
  • If students exhibit inappropriate behavior at the bus stop or on the bus, the driver may issue a referral.

Bus Riding Rules

  • If a student is required to carry a bus pass (excludes Special Education students), they must show the pass upon boarding the bus and when requested by the driver.
  • Students must enter and exit the bus in an orderly manner or as directed by the driver.
  • Driver may assign seats.
  • Students are expected to remain seated. Students must face forward with their back against the back rest, legs/feet/arms/hands and other objects are to remain out of the aisle of the bus and inside the bus.
  • Students can only enter and exit the bus through the front door unless otherwise directed by the driver.
  • Smoking, lighting matches, fighting, pushing, abusive language, inappropriate words/gestures, and excessive noise are not permitted on the bus.
  • Littering, tampering with district property/equipment and damaging district property are not permitted on the bus. Students/parent/guardians will be held responsible for any damage.
  • Animals (including reptiles and insects), glass containers, weapons, drugs and hazardous objects are not allowed on the bus.
  • No eating or drinking permitted on the bus.

Discipline Referrals

The bus driver will issue a discipline referral for misbehavior at bus stop or on the bus.

  • 1st Referral     Warning (driver/parent contact)
  • 2nd Referral     1-day Bus Suspension (driver/parent/school contact)
  • 3rd Referral     3-day Bus Suspension (driver/parent/school contact)
  • 4th Referral     5-day Bus Suspension (driver/parent/school conference)
  • 5th Referral     2-week Bus Suspension (driver/parent/Principal/Director of Transportation (DOT) conference)
  • 6th Referral     Bus Suspension for the balance of the school year. DOT/Assistant Superintendent conference

Parents/Guardians WILL BE charged for the cost of any willful student damage to the bus or its equipment.

Bus Pass Policy

  • Every student participating in the Home-To-School (Parent Pay) Program must have current 2011-2012 bus pass in order to board and ride the bus and must present it to the driver upon request.
  • No current bus pass; no ride! No exceptions!
  • A bus pass must be in good condition. Mutilated or lost bus passes must be replaced. See the Districtís bus pass replacement policy. The driver may allow the student to ride up to two days while awaiting a replacement pass.
  • Payment for the Semester 2 bus pass is due on or before Friday, December 9, 2011. No reminder letter will be mailed. Students who do not have a Full Year 11/12 or Semester 2 11/12 bus pass we be removed as a rider upon returning from Winter Recess.
  • If you discontinue use of school bus service and wish to receive a refund for the remainder of the period you paid for, you must provide written notice of cancellation and turn in the studentís bus pass. Refunds are not available if your student is suspended or removed from the bus transportation service. Refunds are not available after April 30th.

After School Student Drop Off Policy

  • All Special Ed students must be met by an adult at the drop off bus stop unless the school site has forwarded a Bus Service Request (BSR) form indicating self-release.
  • All other students, 1st Ė 12th grades, are self release except for kindergarten students. Kindergarten students must be met by an adult.
  • Self release students are expected to know their way home.
  • If the student must be met by an adult and the designated person is not at the bus stop to meet the bus, the student will be returned to school. No exceptions!

Must be Met Policy For Special Education (SPED) And Kindergarten Students

When SPED and kindergarten students are not met at the bus stop, the following process will be followed for returning students to sites.

1.   Transportation Office Staff:

  • Driver informs dispatch no adult (at least 18 years of age unless noted differently) is present to receive student.
  • Dispatch will notify supervisor, ascertain drop off time, and whether student is self release.
  • If bus has arrived 15 minutes early or 15 minutes late, dispatch will attempt to contact parent/guardian. If no contact is made, dispatch will instruct driver to either continue on route or return the student to a site. See below for specific site (FSUSD/SCOE) protocol.
  • Dispatch will notify succeeding schools that bus will be late and the reason why.
  • Dispatch will notify site that student is being returned and give an estimated time of arrival (eta).
  • Dispatch will notify driver the school site has been notified and to return student back to the site.

2.   Specific Site (FSUSD/SCOE) Protocol

    FSUSD Students:

    • Procedure for returning the student to school: If the parentís do not meet the bus, transportation will contact the site (home school). The secretary or principal will be there to meet the bus and receive the student. The student should be held in the office while staff attempts to locate the parent/guardian.
    • Students not picked up from school by the close of business: site should contact the local police department.
    • Bus returning student to school after close of business: the principal should still receive the student and attempt to contact the parent/guardian. If contact is unsuccessful, the principal should contact the local police department.

    SCOE Students (Per Marsha Ludwig):

    • Pre-School and Elementary: return to TC Mc Daniel. Contacts: Rita Norris, Secretary or Jan Donaldson, Principal.
    • H. Glen Richardson DELTA Program: return to H. Glen Richardson DELTA Program.
    • Middle School and High School - Plus: return to Golden Hills. Contacts: Kira Levin, Secretary or Gail Pizzo, Principal.
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